Here is a video of me soloing with the Royal Hawaiian Band… I had no idea this was being recorded and only just stumbled on it on YouTube:


I’ve been on a run of posts about my students lately… what can I say, I’m a proud teacher!

Three of my Jr. High and High School Students made it into the Hawaii Youth Symphony program this year. That may not sound like a big number, but so few low brass players get to be involved compared to string instrumentalists that it is a great percentage! My returning students all moved up in the HYSO program.

The top tuba players at UH have been subbing in the Royal Hawaiian Band of late:
Armando Langaman:

and Casey Kitano:

at the Kamehameha Day Parade this year we had an unprecidented 5 sousaphones!
with Armando, Casey, and UH alumnus Paul Caballero.


UH Student achievements!

Here’s a video of Casey Kitano playing the 1st Movement of Edward Gregson’s Tuba Concerto with the UH Wind Ensemble:

Casey Kitano plays Gregson

…and here is the premiere of euphoniumnist Jordan Goto’s Adrenaline Rush

World Premiere!


One Proud Teacher!

Everyone should come check out the University of Hawaii’s Aloha Band concert on May 4th… Casey Kitano will be performing the 1st movement of Edward Gregson’s Tuba Concerto as the winner of the student Concerto Competition, Jordan Goto (euphonium) will see the premiere of his new work “Adrenaline Rush” as the winner to the student Composition Competition, and Armando Langaman is celebrating his first semester in the top ensemble in style with Maslanka’s 4th Symphony. A great day for low-brass island-wide!

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The Circle of Life!

Hi All,
I’ve been underground (literally!) for the past six and a half weeks playing tuba and trombone for the Lion King with Disney’s “Gazelle National Touring Company.” The Honolulu run is almost over, so come check it out if you haven’t yet! Tickets can be found HERE

We also got a mention on this audiophile blog.

Of course, I am still performing with the Royal Hawaiian Band. They recently caught an action pic of me singing “Spongebob Squarepants” for one of our educational outreach concerts:

Aye, aye, captain!

Aye, aye, captain!

When the Lion King ends (and frees up the Neil Blaisdell Center) the Hawaii Symphony will be resuming our season with a special John Williams concert. I will be playing the part of the shark in “Jaws” dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum…


Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey All,
Sorry it has been so long since I updated my page, but I’ve been working like a mad man (that’s a good thing)!

For anyone who hasn’t ever seen me in a dress, here is a picture from the recent Diamondhead Theatre production of “Caberet”:

Two Ladies

Two "Ladies"

It was a great cast and a great band! This was the first production on which Sara and I have both been booked as the official band members. Unfortunately, I had to miss the final weekend and extension of the run because of other activities…

October 13-15th the Emerald Brass Quintet did a residency at Utah State University. Over the course of those three days we played three school run-out shows and one major recital at USU, coached the USU scholarship brass quintet, taught lessons, and did a LOT of rehearsing. It was great fun to see the guys again and make music together as well as to hear all of the great things going on with the students and faculty of Utah State!



The following weekend was the great convergence of gigs in Honolulu. I continued my regular work with the Royal Hawaiian Band, but also played shows with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra and Hawaii Pops! The Hawaii Symphony Orchestra’s trombone section is absolutely killer this year; it is totally worth coming to the shows just to hear them (glad they’re letting me tag along – filling in for John Elliott this season):

At the end of the day on Sunday the 20th, Jason Byerlotzer and I had played 4 gigs together!


Legally Blonde Extension

We’ll be down in the pit at Diamond Head Theatre for another two weekends of Legally Blonde. Come check out this high energy show!

Diamond Head Horns

Diamond Head Horns


Diamond Head Theatre

I just finished a run of the Goodbye Girl over at Diamond Head Theatre playing bass trombone and bass guitar. Here is a shot of one of the nights Sara subbed in for Scott Villager. Great pit orchestra all around! (The towels are for International Towel Day, in celebration of the life and work of Douglas Adams)

the Ricers in the Pit on Towel Day

the Ricers in the Pit on Towel Day

I’ll be starting up a run of Legally Blonde on July 19th, come check it out!


Check out percussionist Bill Wiley’s website Band Geeks Online. He recently included a feature on me in his blog.

Check out his site and drop him a comment if you like it!

Check out the short write up and links on Yamaha Wind Instrument’s Facebook Page (you might have to scroll down a bit, as they update quite frequently!)

Also, tubist and photographer Kevin Leong took some great pics at the UH Fnugg concert and was gracious enough to share those on facebook:

Photo by Kevin Leong

Photo by Kevin Leong


Fnugg video

Video of Fnugg Blue with the UH Wind Ensemble:

The Ricers after the concert:

The Ricer Family

The Ricer Family

Clinic at Maui High School:

Maui High School

Maui High School